Ani was a fantastic advocate for me and shepherded me through a difficult collaborative divorce, both legally and emotionally. She’s super smart and kind. Not only is she extremely facile with family law, she just “gets it.”

– Rob

A colleague/friend recommended Ani to help my ex and me navigate the challenges of mediation and ultimately divorce. This was a multi-year process which journeyed through a range of emotions and grief. Ani was/is a patient guide, attentive and supportive of our stops and starts, always getting back to us quickly after we reached out. She saw us through the entire process with grace and patience. Our divorce started with hurt and anger and ended with love and respect. I am incredibly grateful to Ani, her assistant Dee and entire team for their professional service and compassionate wayshowing.

– Kathryn

I hired Ani as my collaborative divorce attorney because she seemed calm, super-smart, and psychologically attuned. Throughout the divorce process, I found her to be extremely well-organized, totally unflappable, and unfailingly well-prepared. She listened to me, figured out what mattered most, and then helped me learn how to negotiate effectively. She is a truly lovely person and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

– Anonymous

My divorce was a long and tedious one. There wasn’t ever a moment along the way in which Ani acted anything other than professional, courteous and compassionate. Whatever circumstance you may find yourself in, if you’re in need of divorce and/or separation counsel, you’d be fortunate to have Ani by your side. She is an intelligent, sincere, sensitive person who it has been my pleasure to know.

– Anonymous

I hired Ani Mason to represent me in my divorce negotiations, and I had an extremely positive experience. Ani is empathetic, knowledgeable, and highly competent. She represented me zealously while also facilitating a reasonable settlement, so my ex and I could move on and focus on co-parenting with little in the way of bad feelings or resentment. Ani is also very responsive and turns documents around quickly. I cannot recommend her enough.

– Anonymous

Ani is an incredible Mediator. Her balanced approach and expertise was such a relief in a difficult circumstance. I can’t imagine a better facilitator of communication for our situation. Her podcast is also highly recommended.

– Thomas

We used Ani for the mediation process to settle our divorce. After both using other attorneys both separately and together once we met with Ani we stopped using the others and worked with her exclusively. There was some initial tension on our part, Ani was able to deescalate the situation and get everyone to work together in a professional and productive manner. Things went smoothly from then on and I’m glad we found her.

– Jason

I highly recommend Ani Mason. My ex-husband and I worked with her for a 2 year process of drafting and filing our divorce agreement, with separate individual attorneys used sparingly for some additional consult and review prior to signing papers. Ani is thoughtful, intelligent, and has a compassionate, sensitive ability to mediate. Her lovely disposition encourages a positive experience in an often unpleasant circumstance. I highly recommend Ani!

– Sarah

Ani is the best. Efficient and effective. Ani was patient but charted an efficient path for my ex and I through our divorce. I enthusiastically recommend her.

– Anonymous

Ani is an amazing attorney. Ani’s approach during my divorce was exactly what I needed. She was professional, empathic and provided space for my voice to be heard throughout the entire process. When we began our work together, I asked Ani to work to keep me aware of the “bigger picture”, as I knew that I was vulnerable to conceding to everything my ex-wife wanted in order to get through the process with the least amount of suffering. Ani did this for me and so much more. She is very thorough, accessible, responsive, and supportive. Ani will work to ensure you are making the most informed decisions during the entire process. I would definitely hire Ani again if I were to ever need a divorce/mediation attorney in the future.

– Christine

Ani helped guide me through the most difficult time in life with a calm, methodical, supportive approach. She listened and she led, and her style was just what I needed in navigating a divorce. She is a total professional – meticulous and accountable. I highly recommend her.

– Anonymous

I highly recommend Ani without reservation. Ani made me feel secure and supported from the moment I met her at our first consultation. While I knew she was eminently knowledgeable about every aspect of the divorce process, I was equally appreciative of her mentorship and generosity in guiding me through what could have been an overly complex and overwhelming journey. She always made time to answer every question without reservation or judgement, and at the same time made me feel respected and heard. Ani is especially good at being a strong negotiator and advocate while never being antagonistic or combative. I never had any doubt that I was in extremely capable hands with Ani. I have recommended her already to several friends beginning the divorce process and one who was unhappy with her lawyer and was so appreciative to have Ani take over her case. You won’t regret hiring Ani Mason.

– Emily

Intimidated? Confused? Emotional? Yep! I felt them all and then some, embarking on this “choose-your-own adventure” where I really had no choice except whom I selected as a consulting attorney. I requested Ani Mason’s representation through mediation and I am very grateful that she accepted. Ani is extremely personable and real with a bed-side manner more often reserved for the medical profession. At our initial consultation I found immediate solace knowing things would be OK. Through to signing my final stipulation, Ani skillfully diffused each and every confrontation on my behalf, even those our mediating attorney could not. Her thoroughness and ability to concisely demystify the nuances and mythology of divorce law enabled me to make quick decisions and raise important issues in our mediated sessions. Most important, Ani is relatable. Her empathic demeanor helped regulate my responses when they fell out of balance, sustaining my motivation to continue. Nobody “wins” in this game. But Ani Mason stood toe-to-toe with a successful litigating attorney and shepherded me gently along the way to a place where I could say “I can live with that”. It’s a segment of my life I do not wish to repeat. Ani made it one of the most pleasant to endure.

– Blair

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