In mediation, you and your partner work with a neutral mediator to help you reach agreements on key issues and to formalize those agreements in a legal contract. 

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The mediator’s role is to help you understand the issues, to summarize the law without favoring one side or the other, and to guide you in brainstorming solutions that work for your family. Above all, the mediator supports you and your partner to have productive conversations and make decisions together.

Throughout the decision-making process, you and your partner are empowered to make creative decisions that work for you and your family. With mediation, you retain full control of the outcome.

Mason Law & Mediation: Mediation Services 

As your mediator, we are your neutral expert and guide. We will:

  • Provide a clear understanding of the issues you need to resolve and a roadmap for getting there.
  • Neutrally summarize New York family and divorce law as it applies to your situation.
  • Facilitate an informed conversation around the issues you’re facing.
  • Share examples of creative and practical solutions we’ve seen over years of helping couples in similar situations.
  • Draft a legally-binding contract incorporating what you and your partner have agreed to.
  • File all necessary papers with the court to finalize your divorce.

An attorney protects your interests by understanding the complexities of your case, offering tailored legal advice and strategy, and negotiating the best possible resolution on your behalf.

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Whatever type of negotiation you’re in—whether a separation or divorce, or a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement—your attorney advocates for your interests and negotiates the best possible resolution on your behalf in a strategic, thorough and thoughtful way.

Throughout the process, you are empowered to determine the scope of work. Whether it’s handling every detail of your matter, or simply providing an expert set of eyes to review a final contract, we are here to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Mason Law & Mediation: Legal Representation Services

As your individual representative and guide, we manage every stage of the legal process for you. We will:

  • Analyze the details of your unique situation, focusing on key financial and parenting matters and identifying areas of importance and complexity in your negotiation.
  • Offer strategic legal guidance and advice, applying the intricacies of New York family and divorce law to your individual situation and identifying the best strategy to achieve your goals.
  • Brainstorm and evaluate favorable settlement options and offers.
  • Communicate your perspective, interests and proposals in a clear, persuasive way.
  • Provide expert legal drafting, review and revision of your legal agreement and relevant court documents.
A legal coach combines legal and psychological expertise to help you move through a challenging negotiation successfully.​
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Complex family law matters require professionals with a combination of financial and legal sophistication as well as interpersonal and psychological insight. A legal coach draws on both areas of expertise to offer you strategic advice and practical tips for working through challenges and impasse in negotiation. 

Throughout the process, you can tap into our in-depth understanding of the complexities of your negotiation, and the relevant law at play in your case, as well as our nuanced appreciation for the specific, underlying psychological and relational dynamics impacting your negotiation. 

Many of our legal coaching clients seek our help as a complement to their existing legal team, in particular where their existing negotiation strategy may benefit from a psychological perspective that fully appreciates legal nuance and the nature of complex negotiation.

Mason Law & Mediation: Legal Coaching Services

As your legal coach, our role is to help you move effectively through an impasse or challenge in your negotiation. We will: 

  • Provide targeted, practical and holistic guidance for effectively navigating the complex legal, financial and psychological landscape of your negotiation.
  • Assist you with moving from a stalled process to final resolution.
Founded in 2014, Mason Law & Mediation provides highly-skilled and holistic mediation, Collaborative Law, settlement negotiation, and legal coaching services to individuals, couples and families in New York.